#InSolidarity with Ukraine

In the face of the unprovoked military invasion of Ukraine, we are actively helping the Ukrainian people in their struggle to maintain their country’s sovereignty.

The goal of our foundation from the very beginning was to support society on the way to a happy and responsible life, and one of the pillars of such a life is mutual help and solidarity in the most difficult moments.

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To support society on the way to a happy and responsible life

We see the way to implement our mission primarily in the popularization of sport, active lifestyle and sustainable development in both physical and mental dimensions.

We focus our work on initiatives related to sport, but we also encourage activity in the area of culture and teach safety and responsible entertainment.

In order to maintain the coherence of activities, the Foundation’s activities are in line with the strategy of social responsibility in the field of social involvement. The Foundation operated on the basis of the Strategy for 2014-2018, adopted by the Foundation Council in 2014, according to which it supports young people and children on their way to proper personal development.


Our motto: Little people, big changes.

We know that changes do not come quickly and we believe that investing in the future is the best investment for our work and capital.

We focus our work primarily on future generations, giving them the opportunity for holistic development based on sports activities, thanks to which they can learn mutual respect, cooperation and healthy competition. As the axis for our activities in recent years, we have chosen climbing, a sport that perfectly affects both the physical and mental aspects of development.


Popularization of climbing

Climbing is a sport that fits perfectly into the vision of our foundation because:

  • it perfectly influences the improvement of both physical and mental culture thanks to the development of the sense of balance

  • works well in the therapeutic and rehabilitation function, helping in the treatment of disabled people, people with multiple sclerosis, depression or children with autism

  • esponds to the atavistic need of children to climb, directing them towards sports that can be practiced in safe conditions



Programs implemented by the Foundation are a tool for implementing the Foundation’s strategic assumptions. Each implemented program results in new experiences and ideas that help us to better fulfill our mission.

In 2017, after the experience in its first programs “Rock & Go” and “I am Smart”, the Foundation started cooperation with the Commanders of the Fire Department in the Pomorskie voivodeship on the program with the working name “Be Fit Like A Fireman”.


Be Fit Like a Firefighter

A program to popularize climbing and the profession of firefighter among children and teenagers.

The first project implemented in the program “Be efficient as a fireman” was the Firefighter Training Wall at the Rescue and Fire Fighting Unit No. 2 in Gdańsk.

In 2021, the Foundation started work on a new project, the Training Complex for Volunteer Fire Department and Youth Fire Teams “Florianka”.

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Other programs

Regardless of gender, age or status – concentration, learning, focusing on the task, willingness to know, body health, lack of posture defects, conscious eating – are the features that help in achieving success and happiness. Psychologists and trainers called the development of these traits “psychomotor development.”

Motor activity has a beneficial effect on a number of properties, not only physiological, but also immune and adaptive. However, the importance of the movement for the mental and social development of children is fundamental. Thanks to movement, the child’s brain develops – “communication between both hemispheres of the brain develops”